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Eco-Friendly Paint Is Made From Natural Materials:
What is Eco-Friendly Paint?

There are a number of eco friendly paint options available on the market now, we’ll try to explain them all to you in terms that are easy to understand. I don’t know about you, but when people start throwing scientific terms at me, I get lost in a hurry!

In theory, eco friendly paints include any paint that is approved by the EPA as having a low concentration of VOC’s, also know as low VOC paint. Because these paints have a smaller concentration of VOC’s they are healthier for you and the environment.

But, let’s take it a step further. Beyond low VOC paints, there are also zero VOC paints and even natural products, making them especially green. Understanding the options that are available to you is key in making decisions.

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Lead-Paint in Homes built before 1978:

Children can suffer barely noticeable to serious injury from exposure to lead-based paint. Adults and pets can also be harmed. Children 7 years old or younger and pregnant women are more likely to suffer health problems if exposed to lead based paint. If you are a parent living in a home built before 1978, keeping your children safe requires more than just making sure they are not putting paint chips in their mouth. It is the lead dust from the old failing paint in your home that you cannot see or can barely see that is the fastest way for lead to get into the blood and cause lead poisoning.

Exposure to high levels of lead can be particularly damaging to children whose nervous systems are still developing and to pregnant women, whose unborn children are growing. Children with these high lead levels can suffer from nervous system damage, behavioral problems, learning problems, slowed growth, headaches and other debilitating problems. The Environmental Protection Agency has been working for three decades to reduce exposure to lead in lead paint. On April 22, 2010 new federal laws will require contractors performing renovations, repair or painting projects that disturb lead based paint to be certified and to follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. We have taken the necessary steps to become certified within the new EPA regulations.

Contractors today must jump through numerous hurdles to guarantee they are meeting these rigorous safety standards when working with lead paint in homes, businesses, and child related facilities. Thousands of workers performing renovations will have to be trained and certified as “Renovators” by EPA accredited trainers. Paint professionals and other home improvement professionals will be trained in how to effectively protect household items and how to seal floor coverings from potential contamination while work is in progress. In addition, training will be given on how to use high-powered equipment while working with lead paint and how to contain the dust that accumulates during renovations. The business or homeowner should ask prospective contractors the status of their EPA licensing. Be sure to read the “Renovate Right” booklet your contractor is required to provide.

**If your home was built before 1978 there is a chance that lead paint is present, possibly even in the soil that surrounds your property.

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