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We are a Full Service Painting Company servicing both Private Residential and Commercial Business. Servicing all of East Tennessee.

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Specialty Commercial Painting Services:

In addition to our regular commercial and residential painting projects, we also offer some specialized commercial services that many painting companies don’t offer. Here are some examples of other painting services we also offer to our customers.

High Rise Painting – For almost 30 years M.A. Doddato & Sons LLC Painting has been a leader in the painting of multi-story buildings. Whether it’s a two story building or a twenty story high rise, M.A. Doddato & Sons LLC has the experience and training to meet all of your painting needs. Safety has always been our number one priority. Since we first started our Painting business in 1988, we have a 100% safety record. We have NEVER had a workers’ compensation or personal property liability claim. This is unheard of in our profession, but that is just one of the many reasons that separate us from other painting companies. We have extensive experience and training in using all types of aerial lifts, swing staging and bosun chairs. Call us for all of your multi-story painting projects.

Electrostatic Painting – Electrostatic Painting is the process of electrically charging the paint being used to attract to the metal surface being sprayed. This eliminates about 98% of the over spray and allows for on site painting. We specialize in painting all metal surfaces to include railings, lockers, bathroom partitions, office equipment, machinery, etc…Call us today for all of your metal refinishing needs.

Dryfall Painting – Dryfall is the name given to an alkyd or acrylic paint or coating that contains additives that allow the paint to dry before hitting the ground. This is very beneficial to spraying any metal ceiling or duct work because it is more efficient and easy to clean up. Most of our Dryfall spraying is in warehouses, retail spaces and office buildings. Call today for more information or to get a free estimate.

Epoxy Coatings – For over twenty five years, M.A. Doddato & Sons LLC Painting has a vast amount of experience in applying all types of epoxy coatings. Because of its durability and hardness, we use epoxy coatings in a lot of our commercial and industrial painting projects. From floors, machinery or metal surfaces, we will meet all of your epoxy needs. Call us today for a free estimate and consultation.

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